Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lifers Ahoy had to take a step in darkest Derbyshire though!

Wow, What a day!

Started the day with the Great Reed Warbler @ Ilkestone followed by a Red Rumped Swallow and some naff place deep in hill billy land....

Back to Leicestershire, The birds come to easy in derby so was time for something a bit more of a challenge.
Lets go get a bird that has not been reported for a week, Great idea! Well should of been a shit idea of course not to mention it was raining but we were Beacon hill bound all the same!

Out the car park "well the verg on the road" a quick sniff round soon put me on another lifer a very splendid Tree Pipit indeed! The rest of the story gets a bit hazy and bit rubbish after that but to cut a long story very short.  We walked and we Walked and bloody yea you guessed it walked! Then after hearing a very promising sound we bid are time and nailed the swine! Lifer No. 4 for the day superb!


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